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Difference between bamboo fiber paper towel and log paper towel:

Bamboo pulp paper has become a new favorite in paper towels, largely because of the fluorescent whitening agent in traditional paper. Toilet paper manufacturers introduced some illegal businesses in order to make the inferior tissue more white, will add excessive whitening agent. Long term use of this whitening agent will increase the carcinogenic rate.

Bamboo pulp paper is a new kind of environmental protection tissue paper. It reduces the natural color of bamboo, and makes full use of the unique ingredients of bamboo, known as no fluorescent whitening agent. The raw material of bamboo paper is the biomass bamboo fiber, which is a kind of natural, natural, bacteriostatic and non additive environmental protection fiber extracted from bamboo by special process. It not only retains the good air permeability and water absorption of bamboo fiber, but also improves its physical strength, which is better than the traditional bamboo fiber.

Toilet paper manufacturers introduced that most of the bamboo pulp domestic paper manufacturers are concentrated in Sichuan, Guangxi and other regions, most of which are mainly selling pulp and base paper, and the sales of finished products are very few. Basically, they have not gone out of the survival mode of first base paper sales and then finished product sales.

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