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Shandong libaihe sanitary products Co., Ltd. is located in Ningjin County Development Zone, Shandong Province, China. Registered with the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Our company has a number of the most advanced equipment, specializing in the production, processing and sales of all kinds of household paper enterprises, mainly producing "libaihe" brand high-grade wood pulp edge paper, hotel paper, pregnant paper, kitchen paper and other series of paper. All this has gone to European and American countries. The product quality is consistent. The company is located in the north of Shandong Province, China, with convenient transportation. It's only 180 minutes' drive from Tianjin port. In line with the consistent principle of "integrity, high quality and efficiency", the company provides customers with high-quality products, services and flexible necessities of life to meet the most urgent needs of customers.


Our Services

1.Provide samples according to requirements and make samples in advance.

2.Experience:We have 30 years professional design and manufacture experience.Rich experience to work with famous companies and brands.

3.R&D:We have own desiner,keep developing new styles every season.

4.Quality Control:Experienced and strict quality inspection team. We have a merchandiser to conduct on-line inspection and final inspection for each order.


Corporate culture

1、 Integrity

Respect others just as we want to be respected;

2、 Pursue excellence

Strive to improve product quality, reduce product cost and provide high-quality products and services;

3、 Innovation

Challenge new thinking and new ways;

4、 Continuous improvement

Seek to improve the quality of the promotion, increase customer value;

 Our advantages

  • Factory directly sale and short delivery time

  • Quality assurance and competitive price

  • Customized and fashion design

  • Comfortable and healthy material

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Contact: Libaihe Paper

Phone: 13953466136

Tel: 0534-5223370

E-mail: libaihe@tom.com

Add: Ningjin County Industrial Park, Shandong Province,China.