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What are the plant fibers in toilet paper

Toilet paper manufacturers introduced that toilet paper is a kind of paper for daily use, which includes tissue paper, napkin and other paper products in addition to its own. Its shape has a single square shape. This kind of paper is called the square towel paper or the face towel paper. It also has a roll shape, which is called the roll paper. It is usually made of cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp and waste pulp. The products with good quality are made of original wood pulp, which is similar to the manufacturing process of ordinary paper, but it is required to be made into extremely thin and fragile, so as to rot when encountering water and achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

Hemicellulose: in order to improve the pulping yield and paper strength, some hemicellulose should be retained as much as possible during the pulping process; cellulose: from the perspective of papermaking, we should try our best to retain cellulose during the pulping process to improve the yield and paper strength of sanitary pulp; lignin: the more lignin in raw materials, the more difficult the pulping is, the more chemicals will be consumed. In addition, toilet paper manufacturers also introduce other components with less content, such as resin, ash, sodium sulfate and other auxiliary components.

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