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What is the main safety of high quality toilet paper?

With the continuous emergence of toilet paper manufacturers, it has become a difficult problem for consumers to choose high-quality toilet paper. How to choose high-quality toilet paper?

1. Paper products do not contain fluorescent brighteners. Tissue paper is not as white as possible. In order to improve the whiteness of products, some manufacturers increase the fluorescent whitening agent excessively. Medical experts from European and American countries have proved that human skin exposed to fluorescent whitening agent for a long time may cause cancer. For the current market of toilet paper, experts suggest that consumers should pay more attention to the quality of the products.

2. From the sensory point of view, good toilet paper is pure and clean, with even and delicate wrinkles. The paper surface is clean, neat and without holes. Low grade toilet paper looks dark gray and has impurities. Consumers can also touch it by hand to see if the toilet paper is powdered, discolored or even hairy.

3. Good toilet paper should be rich in 100% original pulp, that is to say, it is made of 100% original pulp without adding anything. First of all, we need to see what percentage of the original pulp is written on the packaging bag. If it is 50%, 30% Then I don't know what will be added into the paper. Because today's national standards are not the same, recycled paper are so labeled, so now many are attributed to very disorderly.

4. If you don't want to buy such expensive paper, you can think about wood pulp paper. It's common for toilet paper to be rich in 50% wood pulp. If you want to buy 100% wood pulp paper, it's very difficult. The normal paper mill will not use 100% wood pulp for paper making.

5. Next is the paper made of straw pulp. If you don't want to buy too expensive, but want to buy clean cleaning paper, you can only buy 100% straw pulp paper. Although it's 100%, the cleaning paper is still relatively poor, but it can be ensured that if this paper is made in a standard factory, it must be cleaned. The only thing that's not good is that the grain on the paper is very thick and looks ugly.

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