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Common types of pulp and recycled paper

1. Mechanical wood pulp: refers to wood pulp obtained only through mechanical processing. Mechanical pulping is essentially pulping, i.e. by mechanical grinding under water washing, the wood that has been stripped of bark and nodule is dissociated or milled into wood fiber. Toilet paper manufacturers introduced the "white" mechanical wood pulp, which was milled without pre steam treatment. Its fiber is fragile and easy to break. Before milling, the wood can be pretreated with steam to obtain brown fiber with high toughness. The advantages are high pulp yield, high lignin content, short fiber and fragile products. Therefore, mechanical wood pulp is usually not used alone. It is usually mixed with chemical wood pulp. Newsprint is usually made of this kind of mixed pulp.

2. Chemical wood pulp: the wood is first cut into wood chips or wood particles, and then processed with chemicals. After this treatment, most of the lignin and other non cellulose substances were removed. Chemical wood pulp is divided into dissolving chemical wood pulp and non dissolving chemical wood pulp. Box drawing dissolving chemical wood pulp: dissolving chemical wood pulp refers to the alkali wood pulp or kraft wood pulp containing 92% or more of the insoluble parts, or the sulfite wood pulp containing 88% or more of the insoluble parts, by weight, one hour after being immersed in the caustic alkali solution containing 18% sodium hydroxide at 20 ℃. For sulfite wood pulp, the ash content shall not exceed 0.15% by weight.

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